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The FCO Latex and Memory Foam 10" Hybrid Mattress 
With Organic Cover AND 10 Year Factory Warranty


We've been in the specialty bedding industry for more than 20 years, staying on the cutting edge of specialty bedding products, and have designed and sold mattresses both in retail stores and on the internet. We're proud to introduce our newest mattress, the FCO Latex & Memory Foam 10" Hybrid Mattress - a mattress that works for all bodies! (Note that this mattress cannot be used on futon frames, it must be used on conventional flat surfaces like firm box springs, platform beds, or solid deck type surfaces).

We know you have hundreds of choices, and buying a mattress is one of the worst experiences a person can endure, right? But, how do you choose a bed that will truly stand up to what the manufacturer or hovering sales guy claims?

We've been there ourselves, and that's why we decided to offer our extraordinary mattress to customers like you, folks that HATE mattress shopping as much as we do here, but want excellent support and amazing comfort - and, you expect some insurance too, in case the mattress isn't exactly what you bargained for.  So, we went to the drawing board and gathered a team of mattress pros and our own very picky quality control team here (many of whom suffer from back, neck, insomnia issues, and a host of other disorders).

The fact is, a coil mattress, air beds, water beds, even memory foam mattresses and latex mattresses, can be quite comfortable, and each variety has it's own unique qualities -

- but what if you could combine these amazing ingredients and use a recipe that no one else offered, that was thoroughly tested and was backed up with a full 180 day-that's right, a full six months - No Questions Asked Trial Period?

Meaning, if you don't like it, for any reason, you simply call us up, we arrange a removal service to take it away, ABSOLUTELY FREE OF CHARGE, and everything else is FULLY refunded back to you.

Our extraordinary mattress eliminates unreliable coils, which tend to form ruts over time, and old fashioned coils transfer motion so dramatically, you can almost bounce your partner out of your bed at will!

Also, an all memory foam mattress tends to sleep hot, even though you get excellent pressure point reduction, not found in any other kind of sleep material.  An all natural latex mattress, on the other hand, is buoyant and very elastic, but by itself, it may not provide the pressure point and weight distributing qualities that memory foam can provide. But, what if you put them together in the same mattress??

"Atmospheric, Amazing, Soft, Yet Keeps My Back Straight"

"I Toss And Turn Far Less Than On My All Memory Foam Bed"

"Eliminated Shoulder Pain, Cloud Like Feel"

"Distributes My Weight Across The Bed, Not Downward"

"I Don't Have To "Dig" My Way Out Of Bed Anymore!"

Place them one on top of the other, quite simply, and you have pure magic - The buoyant, highly elastic, bouncy support of latex, cradled by the nestled immersion and body conforming qualities of memory foam, give you the best sleep surface imaginable!

But - even if you stack latex and memory foam on top of one another, you still need just the right support foam underneath, the foundation of the house, if you will, to properly support, stabilize, and cradle the key ingredients above it so that you receive maximum benefit.  We wanted to make sure you could sit on the edge of this mattress and tie your shoes, and not bottom out while on your side, into a hard surface beneath.

We spent months searching for just the right density and kind of support or base foam to build underneath the layers of memory foam and latex.

$300.00 off our mattress for a limited time!

The final choice was what is known as a high density foam, 31 ILD (medium firm) 3" layer for the top support section (see cutaway below) and an additional layer of the same material tucked right underneath, which prevents caving in and the bottoming out sensation commonly found in foam mattresses that are not thick enough for many body types.

We chose a  convoluted foam (note the hills and valley type cut out of the bottom layers) which allow for passive ventilation and also allow for a more yielding, cushier feel without sacrificing good support. The material we chose however, had to be free of toxic ingredients, such as volatile organic compounds, heavy metals, formaldehyde, and other toxic chemicals commonly found in foams.  How do we do this?

The convoluted based layer is actually a specialized synthetic foam called Certi-Pur Foam, so clean and free of nasty stuff, it's even labeled for use in crib bedding for babies!  You can read more about CertiPur foam, here - http://certipur.us/for-consumers/, for all the details about just how safe this material is.

Our final design, or recipe, sent us on a journey to find the finest memory foam, the best quality pure latex (not synthetic, which does not have the elasticity and buoyant, cradling quality of botanically derived latex), and the highest quality support layers beneath them. The end result was simply astonishing to us, even after years of experience designing and building countless mattresses - 

We designed our mattress using three highly specialized foam ingredients...the best and finest in each category, our convoluted Certi-Pur high density foam, pure botanically derived natural latex foam, and premium memory foam. But, perhaps the most important ingredient was choosing just the right outer cover.  It had to sleep cool, be durable, and flex properly to "transmit" the feel of the natural latex and memory foam to the top of the bed.

Also, we knew from experience that these days, everyone wants an organic cover...and you won't get this for free with any other memory foam mattress, like the leading brand, or even the Casper bed, the "mattress in a box" du jour. You will get it with our mattress, and it contains zero fire retardants, zero VOC's, no formaldehyde, no breathing in nasty stuff while your nose is inches away from your mattress. It stretches, and it has a zipper, in case you ever need to replace it, or if you choose to switch out the positioning of the memory foam and natural latex layers (you can customize the feel since those layers are not glued onto your mattress, but neatly stack inside the cover).

But how do we back up our mattress, so you'll take the leap and buy one?  Yeah, that's the one area where a lot of companies seem to drop the ball. And that's where we pack the extra punch that get a lot of people to take the leap of faith with our products.  A solid, bullet proof  warranty, backed not only by FCO (Futon Covers Online, our company, in business since 1998) but also by our craftspeople at Allied Aerofoam, a company we partnered with to build and ship our mattresses.

The warranty protects you for 10 years, and the first three years provides full replacement coverage - that means 100 percent no charge to you for any defect, including indentations more than 1" in any area of the mattress, sewing and outer cover defects, failure of the base layers which are adhered together, just about anything you can think of except for liquid spillage. From year 4-10, you get 50 percent coverage on the cost of the mattress.

Questions?  Call 1-800-231-1651 during the day, Mon-Fri, 9AM-5PM EST.

Once you place your order online or over the phone, we immediately jump into action.  Because each mattress is handcrafted to order individually, not mass produced and sitting around a dark warehouse collecting dust, production time takes about 10 days. Your mattress is carefully vacuum packaged and rolled and then shipped via FedEx ground. You will be notified by email once your mattress ships, and the entire process from the day you place your order until the day you receive your bed usually takes about 12-14 days.

Once you receive your mattress, simply remove from outer shipping box, leaving it in the sealed plastic bag. Place your mattress on your solid foundation, platform bed base, or deck surface (any foundation is fine provided it is smooth, solid, and does not flex downward more than one inch when placing the bulk of your weight on the surface).

Carefully cut away the plastic bag, and your mattress will instantly unroll, much like a butterfly from a cocoon. Lay out flat, flop up and down a few times, and allow it to fully reabsorb air for about an hour. Mattress is then ready to take a catnap on immediately!

In a nutshell, here's what you get with the FCO Latex And Memory Foam Hybrid Mattress, features and benefits you won't get from Casper, Bed In a Box, Tempur-Pedic, and other "big players": 

  • A Full Six Month (180 Nights) No Questions Asked Trial Period
  • 2" Pure, Botanical Talalay Latex Layer - Bouncy, Cushy Feel
  • 2" Premium 4lb. Density Memory Foam Layer For Pressure Point Reduction
  • 6" Layer Of Supportive, Certi-Pur High Density Foam Base-31 ILD, Top Quality
  • Organic Outer Covering With Zipper for Replacement And Layer Reconfiguration
  • Yielding Yet Buoyant, Distributing Weight Horizontally Instead Of Downward
  • Sleeps Cool And Comfy Due To Ventilated Base Layers And Natural Latex Layer
  • 10 Year Factory Warranty With Three Year Full Replacement Benefit
  • Absolutely FREE To Your Door Shipping via FedEx Ground

Also, an all memory foam mattress tends to sleep hot, even though you get excellent pressure point reduction, not found in any other kind of sleep material.  An all natural latex mattress, on the other hand, is buoyant and very elastic, but by itself, it may not provide the pressure point and weight distributing qualities that memory foam can provide. But, what if you put them together in the same mattress??

$300.00 off our mattress for a limited time!


Product Name


Twin FCO 10" Hybrid Mattress 
(39" x 75")


Twin XL FCO 10" Hybrid Mattress 
(38" x 80")


Full FCO 10" Hybrid Mattress 
(54" x 75")


Queen FCO 10" Hybrid Mattress 
(60" x 80")


King FCO 10" Hybrid Mattress 
(76" x 80")


Cal King FCO 10" Hybrid Mattress 
(72" x 84")


Questions?  Call 1-800-231-1651 during the day,
Mon-Fri, 9AM-5PM EST.